HI83399-02 เครื่องวัดคุณภาพน้ำแบบหลายพารามิเตอร์ รวมถึงค่า COD & pH

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HI83399 สำหรับการวัด COD และ pH และวัดปริมาณสารละลายในน้ำสำหรับน้ำเสีย มีโหมดการวัดการดูดกลืนแสงสำหรับระบบโหมดการดูดกลืนแสงช่วยให้ผู้ใช้สามารถเลือกความยาวคลื่น 5 แห่ง

  1. สามารถวัดค่าแอมโมเนีย คลอรีน ไนเตรท ไนโตรเจน ฟอสฟอรัส และสารอื่นๆ
  2. สามารถเลือกความยาวคลื่น 420 nm, 466 nm, 525 nm, 575 nm และ 610 nm
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HI83399 benchtop photometer measures 40 different key water and wastewater quality parameters using 73 different methods that allow for multiple ranges and variations in chemistry for specific applications.


The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) parameter is included for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. The Phosphorous and Nitrogen parameters included are beneficial to municipal wastewater treatment customers that need to monitor their biological and chemical nutrient removal process.


This photometer features an innovative optical system that uses LEDS, narrow band interference filters, focusing lens and both a silicon photodetector for absorbance measurement and a reference detector to maintain a consistent light source ensures accurate and repeatable photometric readings every time.


A digital pH electrode input is provided allowing the user to measure pH by a traditional glass electrode. The digital pH electrode has a built in microchip within the probe that stores all of the calibration information. Having the calibration information stored in the probe allows for hot swapping of pH electrodes without having to recalibrate.


All pH measurements are automatically compensated for temperature variations with a built in thermistor located in the tip of the sensing bulb for fast and accurate temperature measurement.


Two USB ports are provided for transferring data to a flash drive or computer and to use as a power source for the meter. For added convenience and portability the meter can also operate on an internal 3.7 VDC Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.


The HI83399 offers an absorbance measuring mode that allows for CAL Check standards to be used to validate the performance of the system. The absorbance mode allows the user to select one of the 5 wavelengths of light (420 nm, 466 nm, 525 nm, 575 nm, and 610 nm) to measure and plot their own concentration versus absorbance mode. This is useful for users with their own chemical method and for education to teach the concept of absorbance by using the Beer-Lambert Law.


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